Country Mouse

view from the hill behind our peaceful.

The village holds special sentiment to us but also the land, views and peacefulness is not met by any other location. For us this life is simple and restorative. We spend as much time in the village as we are able.  Video of the Village from the hills. Being that we are here in the fall we have processed our grapes for wine with help from our neighbor, pickled cabbage, watched the neighbors collect and dry the walnuts and bring in the cold crops before further frost. 

Dawn in the Village

Sights and sounds of Barghis

working horses are very common everyday in the village many horse carts pass by and are common on the roads

horse and cart

going to the fields

returning from the field
Some days we have large groups of animals walk through the streets, this is video is from our camera on our village home. A Shepard is bringing his sheep through the village, Friday sheep traffic!

Our grapes

Ioan picked 10 times this amount which was processed into wine and is our cellar fermenting

Adding grapes to a masher

Madeline shaking our neighbors peach tree which produced over 100 peaches

cabbage, with herbs for sauerkraut

Ioan processing the cabbage

time on the hills

Madeline making wishes

walnuts drying for winter

the most delicious squash; slice, clean, put on pan and roast at 400 degrees for 40 minutes eat!

Farmers market

Villager selling canned goods at the farmers market we purchased several items, all fresh and organic. 
Many homes have cows, during the summer they graze all day up in the hills every evening they walk through the village to return home to be milked. We have spent many summer evenings waiting for the cows to come home.

sheep and goats coming home too

chicken with ducklings

True free range chickens

pork (you can almost here him snort)