Romania for a year....but why?

Many people have asked why Romania? My husband, Ioan, is Romania and immigrated to the states in 1998 under a lottery program for highly educated and qualified candidates. Since our marriage in 2007 we have been dedicated to keep our family entrenched in Romanian heritage and exposed to Romanian traditions. In 2015 we purchased a village home in Barghis Romania which we have slowly been renovating. The location of the home is essential as it is situated next door to the home Ioan was raised in, the home his father continues to live in and is only separated by the village Orthodox church.  For the last several years we make an annual one month stay, usually in spring or summer, to be with family work on our home and relax into a slower more simple way of life. However this year in June 2018 we arrived to the airport behind schedule to learn our flight had unscheduled departed early and we were bumped from our seats which auto cancelled the entire trip. Being that it was summer months Air Canada and Eros Travel refused to re-book our trip and it became evident our trip to the homeland was not going to happen.  With a note of defiance we quickly decided we would re-book a one way flight and stay in Romania for a year. With the blessing of Ioan's employer he is able to work from home and I resigned from my social work position. The decision to leave was not easy as Ioan's son Vlad is not joining us and we miss him terribly. Adventure isn't always comfortable and we will see what the year brings.